Meek Mill Blocks DJ Akademiks After Going Back-And-Forth Online For Weeks |

Meek Mill Blocks DJ Akademiks After Going Back-And-Forth Online For Weeks

The bitter feud between rapper Meek Mill and media personality DJ Akademiks has escalated to new heights, with the rapper blocking Akademiks on social media platforms.

via: Rap-Up

Meek Mill has finally had enough. On Wednesday (March 20) night, the rapper announced that he blocked DJ Akademiks via Twitter. His post read, “Okay, it’s over y’all. I wanted to see how many days I could make a bad geek lose sleep.”

The move arrived on the heels of the two trading words on the app hours prior. Akademiks tweeted, “Meek Mill thinks he can be an activist in the daytime and villain at night… N**ga must think Philly is Gotham City.” The musician responded, “I’m from the streets, but I’m an activist for the streets, and I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Y’all didn’t think this was possible. Now y’all [are] mad [that] I can make it out, have the same attitude, and be an activist… It’s babies in Gaza starving today!”

Elsewhere, the “Litty” artist wrote, “I’ma show y’all how you hurt computer geeks. Just [use] the ‘block’ button. I’m still shooting a video in front of your house. I’m still coming; I only want to hear from you in person.”

Meek and Akademiks’ relationship has seen several highs and lows over the past few years. In a 2017 episode of “Everyday Struggle,” the latter claimed that their beef started because he didn’t show enough love to Wins & Losses on his platform.

“They were threatening me. ‘When I see him, I’ma gonna give him a wedgie. I’ma slap him.’ I’m like, ‘Oh s**t! I think I’m posting them wrong.’ So I stopped posting them,” Akademiks said. “I guess album promo time [comes around, and] he’s like, ‘Where’s the [Dream Chasers] post?’ I didn’t know why he was surprised I didn’t post his album.”

Earlier this month, the music commentator poked fun at Meek’s streaming numbers for his newest project, HEATHENISM. Akademiks tweeted, “His EP did a grand total of… wait… wait… wait… 368K streams [on the] first day on Spotify. It’s roughly 3,500 streams [equals] one album. That’s a grand total of 105 albums sold via streaming on Spotify [on] day one.”

Between the frequent jabs at one another and Meek’s recent posts, it appears that their feud is going beyond a point of reconciliation.

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