Mathew Knowles Talks Beyoncé's 'Interesting' Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance, Says Police Boycott Is 'Ridiculous'

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Mathew Knowles spoke with The Grio about his new girl-group project ‘Blushhh Music’ and also weighed in on the controversy surrounding Beyoncé’s “Formation” song, video, and Super Bowl performance.

He says he hasn’t seen the video, but he did watch his daughter perform during the Super Bowl halftime show.

“It was an interesting performance,” Knowles said. “I look at it from the role of a parent today. When I see Beyonce perform, I don’t look at it from the role of a manager. From a role of a parent, I’m proud of what she has accomplished, and I’m proud of her performance.”

In the days and weeks following the performance, there have been several reports of police unions across the country planning to boycott her ‘Formation’ world tour.

“It doesn’t work the way the general public thinks. A promoter promotes the show, and a promoter rents the venue, and the venue provides the security,” Mathew explained.

“Police boycotting Beyoncé is ridiculous,” Knowles said. “The venue buys the security. Every artist has their own personal security. Beyoncé has the same personal security that she’s had for over 10 years. Nobody’s asking what the city or the [police] union cares. The venue gets the security. It doesn’t even work like that. That’s just ridiculous.”

Check out Mathew’s interview below.

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