‘Married to Medicine’ Season 9 Trailer Has Arrived — Watch Now [Video]

The wait is over, Bravo has released the super sized trailer for Season 9 of ‘Married to Medicine.’

“Repeat this after me, say I just need some real friends,” says a Pastor before a clip shows Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Contessa butting heads.

“F**k you!” says Heavenly. “Come to say that to my face!” responds Dr. Contessa while being physically restrained.

“Sometimes you are blessed and your friend is obsessed!” says the Pastor as the fellas of “Married To Medicine” are seen clashing. “Some of your friends will celebrate when you’re down,” continues the Pastor as Dr. Simone is seen spewing some strong words, seemingly Quad’s way:

“I’m not f*****g with you because this is America, I get to choose who I f**k with!” says Dr. Simone while Quad laughs hysterically.

The pastor who’s preaching to the Married To Medicine crew about dark forces looming nearby. “I see the devil trying to do some things in your life, trying to wreak havoc in your life,” says the pastor.

“The streets of Atlanta are talking about her sleeping around,” Quad tells Anila whose jaw drops.

“When the streets talk we listen,” adds Quad before Contessa brings up Quad being subjected to rumors as well.

“There’s a rumor about Quad too?” asks the doctor. “That she slept with one of her contractors,” replies Dr. Simone before Dr. Heavenly’s seen venting to Dr. Jackie about something being “unacceptable.”

“How do we fix the friendship?” asks the peace-making doctor. “Jackie, I don’t know if we can,” responds a fed-up Heavenly.

We are in for a wild season.

To catch all the action tune into “Married to Medicine.” Season 9 premieres on Sunday, July 10 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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