Man Accused of Murdering Nipsey Hussle Reportedly Assaulted in Jail

Nipsey Hussle’s alleged murderer was unable to attend his trial on Tuesday, reportedly due to injuries he suffered from being physically assaulted in jail.

via: BET

In the ongoing matter of the murder trial for Eric Holder, the 32-year-old was supposed to testify during his June 28 appearance. A breaking news alert from Rolling Stone highlights how the 32-year-old, who is supposed to be separated from other inmates when being transported to and from the court, was allegedly physically assaulted at some point.

A source told the outlet that Holder’s injuries and subsequent treatment prevented him from appearing at his trial. And though the extent of his injuries is unknown, Rolling Stone describes it as “more than a black eye.” The judge told jurors to return to the courtroom Wednesday unless deemed otherwise. Holder, also a member of the Rollin’ 60s gang that called Nipsey Hussle a member, believes the latter had accused him of “snitching” to law enforcement.

He has pleaded not guilty to killing rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle.

This is a still-developing story.

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