Mag Swag: Sessilee Lopez's Tribute to Aaliyah in 'The Block' Magazine

‘The Block’ magazine called on stylist Andreas Kokkino to transform supermodel Sessilee Lopez into hip hop princess Aaliyah, as a tribute to Aaliyah’s sexy tomboy urban style!  The editorial styling shows a mixture of street and designer fashions, just as Aaliyah had done so fabulously. The magazine quotes in the article

“In 1994 before Stylists and Sartorialists, a 15-year-old Aaliyah proved that R&B could be both chic and street and that age ain’t nothing but a number.”

..Yes indeed, she did!  Aaliyah’s influence is still felt today as indicated by the many photoshoots, editorials, and other projects that continue to be inspired by her personal image and style.

If you recall, back in August, singer Keshia Chante posed for an Aaliyah influenced photoshoot also that had everyone talking about how much Keshia Chante reminded them of Aaliyah. There will never be another Aaliyah, but it is great to see young ladies paying homage!

Check out pictures of Sessilee from ‘The Block’ magazine editorial below, as well as pictures from Keshia Chante channeling the late beautiful Aaliyah Haughton…RIP Aaliyah!

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