'Love And Hip Hop' Star Max Lux Denies Abusing Brandi B Following Concerning IG Live [Photos + Video]

People are concerned for the well-being of former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Brandi Boyd after she took to Instagram Live and shared audio of what sounded like a domestic dispute with her husband.

via: AceShowbiz

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Brandi B sparked concerns among fans after she went on Instagram Live on Sunday, December 7 to live-stream her fight with husband Max Lux. The rapper could be heard threatening to kill Brandi, prompting him to be receiving huge backlash online.

“I ain’t your motherf***in’ clumsy a**, goofy a** n***a b***h,” Max said in the clip. “I’m not down for it. B***h, f**k you… You got that through your head yet? You got that through your head, b***h? I’m not with your program.” Brandi is then heard saying something, to which Max told her to “be outta here.”

Brandi then yelled, “Never again will you beat on me.” Meanwhile, Max accused her of disrespecting him by telling “Ronnie” that she was getting physically assaulted. “You think you’re gonna disrespect me to the world, Brandi!” Max screamed while their child could be heard crying. “Is that what you think?! You’re not! You’re not.”

When Brandi asked someone to call 911, Max told her, “Call them yourself, b***h. Before I f**k you up… [Tell] Ronnie I beat you up, b***h. Oh, I’m gonna send you out on a good one.”

The concerning audio quickly sparked chatter online. “That Brandi B situation is so sad to me. It’s sad because that is his 1st time putting hands on her. Women if you man is putting his hands on you GET OUT!!!! If he even threatens to physically harm you, LEAVE HIS A**! Stop staying with these abusive a** men!” one tweeted. Hoping Brandi is fine, another user added, “The audio i just heard of max & brandi b omg wtff i feel physically sick. I hope shes okay forreal.”

Later, Brandi took to her Instagram account to defend her husband, assuring fans that she’s okay despite the heated argument. “I am fine he didn’t touch me I was choking him and fighting him all he did was verbal abuse me back I am sorry for going Live I did that to force us to take space knowing he wouldn’t want to argue on Live please pray for my family the devil is attacking so strong,” she wrote.

When one of her followers suggested that she wasn’t the one writing the post, Brandi set the record straight, “I love you girl I promise I wrote this I’m just emotional and I can get out of control sometimes. remember we just talked about kids mask buis I promise it’s me. thank you and everyone praying I have to be honest I’m the violent one.”

Max himself denied the abusive allegations. Writing on his account, the rapper said, “First off f**k y’all I ain’t hit nobody u lame a** mnfs.” He went on writing, “Second I’ll pop s**t in my crib when ever the f**k I feel like 17 years old relationship eat a d**k chat n***as u wasn’t here from jump so fall back.”

“Everybody in my house safe every night suck a d**k looking for a story my chick ain’t never had one black eye y’all baseless… Ps eat a d**k u broke a** lame chat n***as,” he concluded his fiery message.

That audio sounds crazy, there’s never any excuse for abuse verbal or physical.

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