Lip Reader Reveals What Kelly Rowland Said During Heated Red Carpet Moment at Cannes |

Lip Reader Reveals What Kelly Rowland Said During Heated Red Carpet Moment at Cannes

The tense moment went viral online as a video surfaced, revealing Rowland directing her finger at a Cannes staff member on the red carpet.

An expert lip reader has confirmed what Kelly Rowland said during a tense moment with a security guard at the Marcello Mia premiere during Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night.

The Destiny’s Child singer, 43, was pictured shouting and waving her finger at a member of staff on the steps of the iconic venue Palais des Festivals as she sent internet sleuths into overdrive about what she had said.

A lip reader has now confirmed to MailOnline what really happened during the ordeal after the tense moment was sparked by the member of security stepping on the singer’s dress as she made her way up the steps.

Jacqui Press said that after the security guard appeared to step on her dress, she apologised and Kelly said: ‘It’s ok.’

However, the security guard then said something else, causing Kelly’s change in mood, as she responded: ‘Don’t talk to me like that.’

As the security guard continued to usher her up the stairs, Kelly turned around and exclaimed: ‘Don’t talk to me like that,’ as she repeated the phrase several times.

The male security guard then came down to ask what was being said as the lady was using her hands to move Kelly along.

Kelly finally turned around on the top step and added: ‘You still don’t talk to me like that!’

It seems internet sleuths managed to decipher the argument correctly as some came to the same conclusion as Jacqui.

They claimed that Kelly initially tried to tell the security guard that it was okay, but the row escalated and the star shouted at her as she made her way inside.

One person theorised that she said: ‘Don’t talk to me like that. Don’t talk to me like that. You’re not my momma. I told you not to talk to me like that.’

Another mused: ‘It was very clear Kelly Rowland was trying to take photos and they were rushing her then that security guard stepped on her dress and Kelly tried to correct her nicely and the security guard decided to be rude and Kelly said “Don’t talk to me like that.”‘

‘Lip readers are saying Kelly Rowland told female security “don’t talk to me like that, I’m not a child”, while pointing her finger at her after stepping on her dress at Cannes Festival in France,’ one person commented.

‘The security ruined Kelly Rowland’s moment to shine,’ another wrote.

Kelly said: Don’t talk to me like that,’ one suggested, as someone else chimed in: ‘Many native English speakers read this on their lips: “don’t talk to me like that you’re not my mother” and they repeat this with emphasis. It seems like security rushed her and ended up being rude or something,’ read one tweet about the incident.

‘The full video of Kelly Rowland fighting in Cannes. Apparently the security guards were rushing her, but in a very incisive way, you know, even rude. And the woman touched her, and if there’s one thing that makes Americans happy, it’s when you touch them for no reason,’ another commented.

Others went on: ‘Do you understand how out of pocket you have to be for Kelly Rowland to have to check you? Literally one of the sweetest people in the world, but don’t get it twisted. What y’all think she said? I think she said ‘don’t talk to me like that, I’m not a child’;

‘Looks like you said, don’t talk to me like that you’re not my mother. Don’t talk to me like that. Oh wowww’;

‘It looks like the security lady stepped on her dress, too. Initially, Kelly put her hand on her shoulder as if to say “it’s okay” but that security guard must have said something back she didn’t like. Even the lady Kelly was with was p****d’.

It comes as insiders revealed the reason why Kelly kicked off on the carpet and claimed that she ‘doesn’t care’ if she comes across as a diva.

It was claimed that the tiff came about because staff members were ‘being aggressive’ and Kelly had ‘had it’ with them.

‘The people who are assigned to helping stars walk the red carpet were being aggressive and Kelly was trying to ignore it,’ an insider told

‘By the time she got to the last woman she had had it because she scolded Kelly and told her to move when she was trying to wave to fans and help the paparazzi get their shot,’ they added.

The source also revealed: ‘She doesn’t care if she comes across like a diva if she knows that she is advocating for herself. She isn’t fake and wanted to set a clear boundary.

Kelly’s reaction comes just weeks after the star walked out of an appearance on the Today show in February, though the reason for this has been disputed.

It had been claimed that Kelly skipped out on co-hosting the rest of the Today show alongside anchor Hoda Kotb because she was dissatisfied with her dressing room, forcing Rita Ora to step in at the last minute.

However sources have since claimed that Kelly had actually walked off the show due to ‘disrespect’ shown to her by Hoda’s co-host Savannah Guthrie who ‘aggressively’ questioned her about Beyoncé – rather than ask the singer about what she was there to promote – her new film Mea Culpa.

The dressing room excuse was also even seemingly confirmed by Hoda herself, when she offered Rowland to share her dressing next time she comes on the show.

However, it appears Hoda’s comments stirred the pot even further, as an insider told The Wrap that Kelly left after she ‘felt disrespected’ after Guthrie asked her a series of questions about her friend and former bandmate Beyoncé.

‘Kelly was offended that Savannah repeatedly and aggressively asked her about Beyoncé,’ the insider told the outlet.

‘Kelly was upset about Savannah’s aggressive questioning about Beyoncé. She and her team were not happy and felt disrespected.’

A source told TMZ soon after, however, that Kelly was not aggressively asked about Beyonce, and adamantly denied The Wrap’s claims.

The Wrap insider said that the dressing room accommodations had nothing to do with Rowland’s exit.

‘The story was spun that Kelly didn’t like her dressing room, but she has been on the Today show numerous times, she and her team know the dressing room set up,’ the insider said.

‘That would not come as a surprise at all.’

Before Rowland left the set of the NBC chat series, she was asked by Guthrie: ‘What do you think about your friend Beyoncé?’ to which she replied, ‘I’m so proud of her.’

Guthrie then veered the discussion toward Beyoncé’s newly-announced foray into country music with her album Act II, asking Rowland, ‘Were you surprised and what do you think about it?’

Rowland replied, ‘I’m so proud of her – so happy for her.’

The insider told the outlet that Rowland and her team will not agree to an interview that involves questions about Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, as ‘she wants to leave that behind’ and move forward in her career.

The Wrap reported that the Today show ‘does not typically agree to interview topics being off-limits ahead of time,’ which could have led to a miscommunication.

Another source told the outlet that Rowland left because of the shoddy dressing room accommodations.

Separate sources told TMZ that the issue was not about Beyonce, and the insider insisted that Rowland’s exit was due to the show’s dressing rooms – described as ‘dumpy, glorified closets.’

Rowland’s staffers were unsuccessful in procuring her a new dressing room, as another one upstairs was occupied by Jennifer Lopez, sources said.

Kelly failed to address the real reason for her decision to walk out of The Today Show, insisting in later interviews she was focused on promoting her new movie role.

Ahead of her security clash, Kelly had stunned on the red carpet in a red strapless custom Loewe gown with a lengthy train as she posed for snaps at the event.

Showing off her svelte physique, Kelly’s dress included a loose bodice that highlighted her ample cleavage.

The dress flowed into a floor-length skirt with a train that followed Kelly as she made her way along the red carpet.

Adding a touch of glamour to her look, Kelly accessorized with a sparkly diamond necklace and clutch bag.

via: MailOnline

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