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Judge Shuts Down Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife Norma’s Plea for Temporary Restraining Order Over Alleged Harassment

Tyrese Gibson was sued by his ex-wife Norma for defamation.

Gibson’s ex-wife Norma was denied her request for a temporary restraining order against the actor ­— but their war is far from over.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied Norma Mitchell’s plea for protection from her ex.

Norma filed a lawsuit and request for a restraining order against Tyrese last week. The two were married from 2007 to 2009. They share a daughter named Shayla.

In the lawsuit, Norma accused her ex of defamation and disclosure of private information about their daughter. She said Tyrese made a series of posts on social media that tarnished her reputation.

Her lawyer said Tyrese slammed, “[Norma] with a cruel barrage of derogatory and defamatory posts, including false accusations she has committed blackmail, extortion, death threats, tax evasion, forgery, bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.”

In addition, she claimed Tyrese posted several court documents from their custody battle online. Norma said those documents contained their child’s school address and other confidentiality details.

Norma said Tyrese knew he shouldn’t have posted the documents. She pointed to the caption he posted on social media that read, “Before they make me delete this post and the link with the full 167 pages of court documents with details [ receipts ] to back up everything GO THERE NOW.”

Norma demanded Tyrese remove the posts.

At the same time, Norma asked the court for a temporary restraining order over the alleged harassment. She asked that Tyrese be restrained from speaking about her online.

Norma’s petition asked that Tyrese be ordered to pay for therapy sessions to deal with his allegations.

At the hearing, the judge denied all Norma’s temporary requests. The court noted that the facts presented “do not show reasonable proof of a past act of acts of abuse.”

The judge set a hearing for July where Norma can argue her case once again in hopes of obtaining a permanent restraining order against Tyrese.

via: Radar Online

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