Lil Wayne Sells His Masters to Universal Music Group for Over $100 Million

Lil Wayne sold his masters for a BIG check — but was it worth it?

He reportedly sold his masters to Universal Music Group for more than $100 million back in June, but it just became public knowledge as part of a lawsuit from his former manager.

As previously reported, Ronald Sweeney is suing Lil Wayne for over $20 million, claiming the rapper hired him in 2005 to help renegotiate his deal with Birdman and Cash Money.

Lil Wayne settled the Cash Money suit in May 2018, but Ronald says he only received a few payments from that settlement, which were “nowhere near” what he believes he’s owed.

Robert also says that around the same time, Lil Wayne asked him to fire his longtime manager Cortez Bryant over a conflict of interest in a legal dispute involving Drake and Cash Money.

It’s wild — you have artists out here like Taylor Swift and Kanye West fighting for their masters while being worth hundreds of millions without them, meanwhile you have Lil Wayne out here willingly selling his.

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