Lil Baby's Restaurant Fires Back At Viral Negative Review

Lil Baby opened his very own eatery in his hometown of Atlanta.

According to the restaurant’s official IG account, the seafood spot offers tasty options including: crab ragoon, shrimp tempura, lamb chops, grilled salmon, seafood boils, a variety of fried foods, sides, and more. The Seafood Menu Restaurant and Lounge also boasts signature flavors such as hot lemon pepper, sweet chili, jerk, and others.

It appears the reviews for the restaurant have not been good.

One woman who seemingly recently stopped by the joint posted a very detailed negative review of Baby’s spot that made its rounds on Instagram and TikTok this week.

TMZ reports, according to the woman, the restaurant gave her a half piece of fish as one of her ordered items and she further accused them of trying to conceal it under a whole fish.

She also claims to have been shorted 2 shrimp from her 6-piece order, and gave the fries a thumbs down.

Management for Baby’s establishment tells TMZ Hip Hop, “Seafood Menu greatly appreciates all feedback, regardless of its nature, as it contributes to the continuous improvement of our customer service. We recently became aware of a video circulating on social media, which appears to depict a to-go order from our opening day.”

They continue, “However, we are unable to verify the timing of the video in relation to the food order. It’s worth noting that our opening day saw an impressive turnout of over 2,000 patrons, with nearly 99% of reviews being positive. While we regret not having the chance to directly address this concern, we remain dedicated to enhancing our services and serving our underserved community to the best of our ability.”

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