Leah Remini Says Jada Pinkett Smith Has ‘Been in Scientology a Long Time’

Did you know Jada Pinkett Smith is a devout Scientologist?

We’ve heard rumors of her and husband Will’s affiliation with the religion in the past, but Leah Remini tells The Daily Beast that Jada is the one that’s heavily involved.

Remini recalls a strange night at Cruise’s lavish estate where she (then a Scientologist), along with the Smiths, were asked by Cruise to participate in a game of hide-and-seek. “At first I thought he was joking,” she wrote. “But, no, he literally wanted to play hide-and-seek with a bunch of grown-ups in what was probably close to a 7,000-square-foot house on almost three full acres of secluded land.”

After realizing she was in Jimmy Choo heels, Remini wrote that she declined the offer—which is apparently rare when dealing with a high-ranking Scientologist like Cruise—only to have Cruise approach her, quip, “Well, good. So you’re ‘It,’ then,” and tag her before bolting. 

Well, according to Remini, there were three star Scientologists present that evening: herself, Cruise, and Pinkett Smith.

“I know Jada’s in. I know Jada’s in. She’s been in Scientology a long time,” Remini tells The Daily Beast. “I never saw Will [Smith] there, but I saw Jada at the Celebrity Centre. They opened up a Scientology school, and have since closed it. But Jada, I had seen her at the Scientology Celebrity Centre all the time.” (Pinkett Smith did not return multiple requests for comment.)

Remini is referring to the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California, where star-adherents regularly gather to do Xenu knows what. And the since-shuttered “Scientology school” she mentions is New Village Leadership Academy in the tony neighborhood of Calabasas, California, which was largely funded by the Smith family—who subsequently hired much of the staff, many of whom, including the Director of Learning, were Scientologists. Though the Smiths insisted that their school was secular, it touted “Study Technology” as one of its teaching methodologies on its website, a heavily criticized practice devised by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Suri Cruise—daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes—attended the school before it shut its doors in 2013. In addition to the school, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, who are good friends of Cruise’s, reportedly donated $20,000 to Scientology’s literacy campaign HELP.

Will Smith denied claims he was a Scientologist back in 2008 during an interview with the New York Daily News.

“You don’t have to be a Scientologist to be a friend of Tom Cruise,” he said. “I am a Christian. I am a student of all religions. And I respect all people and all paths.”

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Jada addresses the speculation — if she’s even allowed to. You know Scientology has all those bizarre rules.

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