The Ladies React to Jen Shah's Arrest as They Wonder Who Turned Her in to Homeland Security on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' |

The Ladies React to Jen Shah’s Arrest as They Wonder Who Turned Her in to Homeland Security on ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’

The aftermath of Jen Shah’s arrest played out on Sunday night’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ and the ladies believe one of their own may have turned her in.

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Sunday night’s episode of the hit Bravo series picked up right where last week’s episode ended, with Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose and Jennie Nguyen left to pick up the pieces after Homeland Security showed up looking for Jen before a planned trip to Vail, Colorado.

As Whitney spoke to her husband on the phone, and told him that she didn’t believe Jen’s claims that her husband Sharrieff Shah was suffering from internal bleeding, the four women began to question if Jen had been tipped off that authorities were looking for her and lied about the reasoning behind why she needed to leave so suddenly.

Lisa and Heather also questioned how the police knew where to find Jen only moments before, when Whitney then suggested, “Someone told them?”

Looking to each other, the foursome pondered her suggestion, before Lisa, in a confessional, stated, “Other than our families, there was 7 people that knew we were meeting at Beauty Lab today. I can’t imagine anyone here would turn Jen in, but this looks really sus.”

As the episode continued, the ladies went about discussing Jen’s ordeal when Lisa asked Whitney if she knew something that she wasn’t telling the other ladies. “I don’t!” Whitney responded. “I don’t know anything, but I have a lot of questions around, like, Jen’s lifestyle. It intrigues me where she gets all of her money and all of her things from.”

Whitney later explained to Heather during a pit stop, however, that she felt as though Lisa was “guilty of something,” pointing out how Lisa has called all six of her attorneys. When Heather asked Whitney if she believed that Lisa was the one who could’ve potentially tipped authorities off, Whitney responded, “I don’t know, I’m not implying that, but it’s weird, right? She’s behaving very odd.”

With the ladies then back in the van after the quick stop and on the road once more, their discussions about Jen continued. Whitney pulled up a news article about how Jen, along with her assistant Stuart Smith, were both arrested for their alleged involvement in a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme.

As Lisa and Heather became emotional, Heather explained she was “devastated” in a confessional. “All I can think about is their families and how this is going to takeoff like wildfire,” she said. “… I’m absolutely gut-punched that Jen may be involved in this.”

Later in the episode, the four women decided to get in touch with Meredith Marks, who had organized their planned ladies’ trip and was already waiting for them in Vail. After telling her the news surrounding Jen, Meredith said she was “not surprised.”

“Too many things didn’t add up and I’ve suspected that something was going on for a while,” she explained over FaceTime. “And now, it’s validated that I was right [and] I’m not crazy. That’s the bottom line.”

As Lisa said it feels as though they don’t even know Jen, Meredith sighed and replied back, “Yeah, I feel like you guys really don’t. I feel like I kinda did and not anyone wanted to listen or believe me, but that’s okay.”

Hanging up the call, Lisa then told Jennie, Heather and Whitney that it seemed as though Meredith knew something that they did not, adding in a confessional, “I don’t know if Meredith knows something we don’t know, but I’m surprised she’s completely, almost, unfazed by all of this. … You would think there’d be a bigger reaction to what just went down.”

Back in the Vail rental home, Mary Cosby arrived and found Meredith in a bathtub, where the two talked about Jen’s headline-making arrest. Discussing Jen and what took place in the Beauty Lab parking lot, Meredith suggested that Jen’s arrest was a long time coming.

“If there’s a SWAT team, FBI, Homeland Security and NYPD, this investigation has been going on for months. Maybe more than a year?” she said, later adding, “Unless there was an insider who gave them information.”

“… I have been traumatized and terrorized — me, my family, my business — for almost two years by this women, and I just waiting quietly because I don’t point my fingers when I don’t have the facts,” Meredith also told Mary.

“And you know what? This now suddenly adds up,” she continued. “Do I think she may be innocent? Sure. Of course. It’s possible. [But] do I believe it?”

Toward the end of the episode, the group of ladies gathered together for dinner, where Meredith prompted them to talk about Jen’s arrest.

After discussing the moment, Whitney then told her fellow castmates that someone had sent her a message that said authorities allegedly had a tracker on Jen, which is what allowed them to find her and later arrest her on the side of the road. The revelation caused Heather to react, thinking that Jen had left them to turn herself in, not flee the scene.

After Mary explained how she felt betrayed by Jen, Meredith reiterated once more that she was not shocked by her arrest, given an occurrence that took place months prior. According to Meredith, Jen had gone into her store, where someone associated with her allegedly stole a clutch.

The person, who was unnamed, called the manager at Meredith’s store and told them that they would return the item the next day. But, as Meredith explained to the ladies, “she kept someone who did take something out of my store in her employment.”

Meredith also discussed another alleged “red flag” surrounding Jen, which she said was pointed out to her by a friend, that Jen is “red-flagged in the system of Louis Vuitton because she pays in cash.”

After hearing the claim from Meredith, Heather said that “nothing is consistent” with Jen, and pointed to a moment from a few days prior where she ordered Jen an Uber from her house.

Claiming that she put Jen in the Uber and sent her along her way, Heather said that Jen had gotten out of the Uber “about half a mile away at an intersection.”

“No communication, no idea,” she shrugged, before Lisa questioned her about what day that occurred. After Heather told her, the other ladies noticed that Lisa clearly knew something, but wasn’t looking to share what she knew.

“I don’t know what happened that night, but I just wanted to check with somebody and see if they met up with her,” she said, before Jennie questioned if she was meeting up with another man. Without revealing anything, Lisa then broke down in tears, before the episode came to a close.

‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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