Kroy Biermann Sued Over Alleged Unpaid Credit From Casino Trip, Owes Over $52K

Kroy Biermann allegedly took out a line of credit for a gambling trip in the Caribbean and never paid the money back.

via: Daily Mail

The 37-year-old former NFL linebacker took a line of credit of upwards of $100K for a gambling trip in the Bahamas and never paid the money back according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ on Wednesday.

The publication reports that the former reality television star is being sued by Sky Warrior which appears to handle the credit lines at the Baha Mar Casino.

They allege that the lawsuit claims that Kroy had obtained a $100K line of credit for use at the casino before a trip in November 2021 as he used $52.5K to gamble.

Sky Warrior claim that the former football star had agreed to pay back any money he had gambled away and assured them that he had the money in his SunTrust Bank account, however, the company now claims that he drew the $52.5K in chip markers at Baha Mar Casino and did not repay the amount before leaving.

The lawsuit also alleges that Kroy still has yet to settle up the tab and that Sky Warrior has been unable to retrieve the money from his bank account.

The company are ultimately going for the $52.5 they claim he owes on top of interest and attorney fees.

Gambling seems to be a centerpiece of his ugly divorce from reality star Kim, 45, as an old tweet has resurfaced from Brielle Biermann that alleged her mom made her wait in a car while she gambled until 3 am.

Brielle – who said she was 20 at the time in the tweet – wrote: ‘One time I was talking out to go to dinner n my mom said get in the car we’re going somewhere I was like uhhh where? She said shhh secret get in. 2 hours later we end up at casino in North Carolina:-)’

Adding: ‘I was 20:-) had to stay in the car the whole time:-) we were there til 3 am:-),’ Brielle – now aged 26 – tweeted at the time.

The tweet was posted on August 10, 2020 and is still up on the social media site; Brielle was 20 years old in 2017.

Just last month, Kim’s estranged husband Kroy Biermann, 37, claimed that Kim, 45, has an online gambling problem.

Her alleged online gambling problem has ‘devastated their family financially’ according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

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