Kordell Stewart Wins Defamation Lawsuit Against 'Delivert' Andrew Caldwell


Andrew Caldwell may have been ‘delivert,‘ but thanks to his lies he now owes Kordell Stewart some money.

Back in 2015, Kordell filed a lawsuit against Andrew alleging he lied about the two having a sexual relationship in a video that went viral online. Andrew told a radio show that not only did they have sex, but that Kordell furnished him with lavish gifts.

Last week, a judge granted Kordell a default judgment after Andrew refused to show up to court.

via Bossip:

Kordell blasted the allegations in his complaint saying he has always been a heterosexual male and never had relations with his man. He said the allegations were defamatory and said it caused him public embarrassment and ridicule along with damaging his career, reputation and hurt his family.

The ex-NFL star sued Caldwell – who retracted his statements after the radio interview – for damages for his loss of earnings, emotional distress and impairment to his reputation

Shortly after Stewart filed suit, Caldwell admitted publicly again that he made up the whole story about them being lovers. He said he wasn’t worried about the legal battle and claimed he didn’t have a dime for the former NFL star to take anyways.

Caldwell never bothered to show up to court and respond to the allegations. Stewart recently filed a motion for a default judgment against Caldwell.

Then on November 4th, the judge presiding over the case signed off on Stewart’s motion and granted a default judgment against Caldwell in the case.

The order states that Caldwell was properly served with the legal papers and blew off the case, and a hearing has been set for Stewart to show evidence of his damages so the judge can figure out how much money Caldwell owes him.

It’s not like the gay rumors haven’t plagued Kordell’s entire career — so it’ll be interesting to see what damages he’ll be able to come up with.

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