We Know That's Right! Jessica Simpson Says She Threw Her Scale Away, Has No Idea of Her Weight

Jessica Simpson told ‘Today’ show anchor Hoda Kotb that she has no idea what her current weight is and that she got rid of the scale in her home.

via Page Six:

“I threw it out,” Simpson, 40, told Kotb in a preview of the segment, which airs Thursday.

“You said it was, like, a Ouija board in church,” Kotb said, “bye-bye.”

“I have no idea how much I weigh,” Simpson went on. “Like, I just want to feel good and be able to zip my pants up. If I don’t, I have another size. I have every size.”

“I’ve really tried my hardest to not let that define me,” she added.

Simpson revealed earlier this year that she weathered a bout with COVID-19, calling the past year “especially intense.”

“We have all been handed challenges and fears in our lives that, at times, felt like too much to overcome,” she said.

But the singer signed a big deal in December with Amazon for a mixed publishing and TV deal, based on her 2020 memoir, “Open Book,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In “Open Book,” now-fashion-mogul Simpson revealed that she battled an addiction to alcohol and pills as part of trauma stemming from sexual abuse in her childhood. But she has maintained her sobriety since November 2017 and said in March she hasn’t even considered drinking during the pandemic.

Simpson fans are presumably also interested in the Amazon deal’s airing of intimate details about her past relationships with ex-husband Nick Lachey and former boyfriend John Mayer in the memoir. She’s been married to former NFL player Eric Johnson, 41, since 2014, and the couple have three children.

Listen — what works for you, works for you. Throw the scale out if it makes you happier.

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