Who Knew? 'Felisha' From Friday Now Runs a Vegan Soul Food Café [Photos]

Angela Means Kaaya would’ve never predicted her ‘Friday’ character ‘Felisha’ (despite the popular spelling of ‘Felicia,” the character’s name was actually spelled ‘Felisha.’) would still be relevant in 2018 — but the actress has moved on to life away from the camera.

She now owns and runs Jackfruit Café, a vegan soul food restaurant in Los Angeles, reports Munchies.

Get this — the counter even has a ‘Bye Felicia!’ bell.

via Page Six:

“Coming into the hood, I had to do this,” the former actress told Munchies. “I had to do a soul food spread […] to get people’s attention and to let them know I do know what I’m doing. I can cook. Trust me, I got you.”

Located in the city’s Jefferson Park neighborhood, the 4-month-old restaurant serves soul food staples like tacos, flautas and chili cheese fries, containing jackfruit, a nutritious spiky fruit that takes on the consistency of meat when cooked.

Although the restaurant features a bell with “Bye Felicia” stamped on it, Kaaya doesn’t try to draw attention to her part in one of the iconic film quotes of the last 20 years. In fact, she was initially alarmed when she first learned she was trending. She’s come to terms with it, but still wants to figure out exactly how it happened.

“There’s a reason for it; I just have to figure out what the reason is,” she told the website. “I’ll find out why it’s come back so big, and why me.”

If you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to check it out! For more on Jackfruit Café, head on over to Munchies.

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