Kim Zolciak & Chet Hanks Get Flirty While Filming MTV's 'The Surreal Life' |

Kim Zolciak & Chet Hanks Get Flirty While Filming MTV’s ‘The Surreal Life’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak, and actor Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks, are a few of the stars that are currently filming the upcoming season of the MTV reality show.

In previous seasons, the reality show — which aired on VH1 at the time — has brought together an eclectic group of celebrities under one roof, sending them on wild adventures together that “pushes them to reveal different sides of themselves in surprising” ways, according to a press release.

TMZ is reporting things are very flirty on set.

Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ … Kim and Tom Hanks’ son were acting flirty toward each other while cameras were rolling in Medellín for MTV’s “The Surreal Life.”

We’re told they really hit things off, with others in the house thinking they might’ve caught feelings for each other during the 2 weeks of production … at least, that was the vibe while under the same roof.

It’s unclear, however, if Kim and Chet ever exchanged digits before the show came to an end … and it’s unknown if they’re staying in touch today, but one thing’s for sure — sparks were flying.

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