Kim Kardashian Called Amber Rose Directly to Squash Their Beef 'Once and for All' -- Here's How It Went Down


They say keep your friends close and your enemies even closer, but it looks like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose were able to bury the hatchet for real. Update: Kanye and Wiz worked things out too. [Read]

As you’ve probably seen, Kim and Amber posed for a selfie last night at Ace of Diamonds.

At the time, we were wondering how the two got to this point (especially after this, this, AND this) — but now we know!

via E!

“Kim called Amber directly and squashed this beef once and for all,” a source close to Amber tells E! News.

Later in the evening, Amber was seen partying at AOD, where BFF Blac Chyna, who is dating Rob Kardashian, was hosting a party. As you might recall, the Kardashian sisters do not approve of Blac and Rob’s relationship.

The “sisters are livid about their relationship and not supportive of it at all,” another source shared with E! News.

In fact, they think their brother is betraying them. “All the sisters are united and think Rob is being disloyal,” a second source close to the family revealed to E! News. “They want him to be happy, but they’re just so over the whole thing.”But it doesn’t look like Blac’s friendship is affecting Amber and Kim’s relationship. “

At the club Amber was bragging to friends what a mature thing Kim did,” our insider says. “Kim called her up and invited her to her mom’s house to talk. They squashed all beef and they really got along. Amber thinks Kim is great.”

The source adds Kanye had nothing to do with this.

You know, we don’t have anything negative to say about two women showing solidarity. You shouldn’t either.

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