Khloe Nearly 'Miscarried' Daughter True And Will Likely Lose Her Baby If She's Pregnant Again [Video]

Khloé Kardashian is opening up about her potential for a high-risk pregnancy while on her journey for more children.

via: AceShowbiz

Khloe Kardashian began considering surrogacy to expand her family after her doctors warned any pregnancy would be high-risk as she almost suffered a miscarriage with daughter True.

The reality TV star opens up about her options for having more children in Thursday’s (18Mar21) final season premiere of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, explaining her predicament to her sister Kim, who welcomed her youngest two kids via a surrogate.

“I’m not gonna get into specifics on-camera, but they (doctors) said it’s like an 80-something per cent chance that I will miscarry (if I fall pregnant),” Khloe says.

“I almost miscarried with True at the beginning,” she reveals of her first-born, who turns three next month (Apr21). “But I didn’t know that was like a lingering thing.”

Khloe adds she “most likely… won’t be able to carry,” and later admits, “This is all really shocking to me. All I’m trying to do is bring more love into my life and into my family, and I just seem to be running into more and more roadblocks. It’s really hard for me to digest.”

However, she was given a confidence boost by mother-of-four Kim, who assures her, “I honestly had the best experience with surrogacy. And I think that you know what giving birth feels like – I always say, if you can do it, it’s such an amazing experience. But you’ll see, the love that you’ll have for your kids is exactly the same. There’s no difference, except that there was someone else that was the carrier.”

And while Khloe is “grateful” to have options available to her, she explains her pregnancy with True, her child with on/off boyfriend Tristan Thompson, was “such a beautiful experience” for her.

“Knowing I might not ever get to feel like that again, it’s daunting, it’s scary, it’s stressful. It breaks my heart,” she says.

Khloe has been planning to have another child for some time, and recently revealed the eggs she previously had frozen have already been mixed with Tristan’s sperm to create embryos as part of their hopes to give True a sibling.

Hopefully one day Khloe will be able to give True a sibling.

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