Say What Now? Woman Says Her Neighbor Called the Cops Over Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit [Video]

A woman on TikTok claims that her neighbor called the cops on her over what she was wearing — a crop top and denim shorts.

via In the Know:

“Yesterday my neighbor called the cops on me for dressing ‘inappropriately,’” user @rovi_wade captioned her video explaining the incident. While the police officers in question are not shown on camera, voices can be heard off-camera.

“I am fully dressed, she just doesn’t like my style,” @rovi_wade says in the clip. “I told her, ‘My body offends you, that’s what the issue is.’”

In the TikTok, @rovi_wade is wearing a spiked collar and a top with thin spaghetti straps. Although she is outside, it’s not clear whether she’s in a public place or in her private backyard. In a follow-up video, @rovi_wade revealed her full outfit was simply was a crop top and denim shorts.

“I’m allowed to exist and be hot,” she explains in the second video. “I’m going to continue to do so. I don’t know what she expects you to do.”

The TikToker’s insistence claim to the police that she’s “allowed to exist and be hot” has riled up viewers who dubbed her a “global icon.”

Most commenters on TikTok seemed astonished that the neighbor would call 911 over someone’s outfit.

“I genuinely want to know what she thought the cops were gonna do,” one user commented.

“That woman needs to be charged,” another added, referring to the neighbor. “God knows how many she’s endangered.”

Watch the videos below. Ugly outfit or not — that’s no reason to call the police on someone!

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