Kelly Price & Husband Jeffrey Rolle Sr. Are Getting Divorced After 23 Years


After 23 years of marriage, Kelly Price and Jeffrey Rolle Sr. are calling it quits.

The 42-year-old singer and her husband are not only ending their marriage but also their professional relationship (Jeffrey has been Kelly’s manager throughout her entire career).

Kelly released a statement about their divorce:

“After the untimely death of my sister last year, it weighed on me heavily that this was something we needed to do. I ultimately made the decision to live the best life I can. I ended things because I didn’t want to compromise what true happiness was anymore. There are no hard feelings and I will love Jeff until the day I die!”

The couple has two children together—a son, Jeffrey Rolle Jr., 23, and daughter, Jonia Rolle, 2. We wish the family the best with everything.

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