Keke Palmer's Mom Accuses Darius Jackson of 'Illegally' Recording Phone Call: 'I Feared for Her Life' |

Keke Palmer’s Mom Accuses Darius Jackson of ‘Illegally’ Recording Phone Call: ‘I Feared for Her Life’

Keke Palmer was recently granted a temporary restraining order against Darius Jackson following abuse allegations.

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Palmer’s mother doubled down on her alleged threat against Darius Jackson, telling that she “feared” for her daughter’s life while accusing him of illegally recording her without her consent.

Sharon Palmer addressed the conversation posted — and quickly deleted — by TMZ, teasing, “You should ask them for the entire tape.”

“You will hear him being told to leave several times,” Sharon told about the deleted phone call, claiming, “The point where I am cussing came in after 2 mins of him refusing to leave.”

Keke’s mom also alleged that he was “recording me illegally,” pointing out that “California is a consent state” while alleging that Jackson “does not care about the law” and “most abuser (sic) don’t care about the law.”

Sharon insisted that Jackson “would not leave” Keke’s home and “was not invited in.” She ended her statement by telling, “I feared for her life.”

As this outlet reported, the Nope actress was granted a temporary restraining order from Jackson over the alleged incident on November 5. She was also given sole custody of their son.

We obtained screenshots from Keke’s security footage that she used as evidence in her filing. In the photos, Jackson appeared to be physically attacking her — which Sharon told us was all she needed to see.

“The stills of Darius Jackson attacking my daughter speak for themselves. No other comments are necessary,” Sharon told

Sources close to Jackson denied he physically abused Keke. Sharon’s daughter called her during the alleged altercation. The recorded phone call, in which Sharon allegedly threatened to put a bullet in his head, was posted and removed from TMZ’s site on Monday.

In Keke’s restraining order filing obtained by, she claimed Jackson showed up at her home unannounced and wanted to take their infant son to watch football.

When Keke denied his request, she alleged he “lunged at me, grabbing at my neck and face, knocked me backwards over the couch, stole my phone out of my hands, and then ran out of the house.”

But Jackson insiders claimed he was simply trying to grab the phone from her and that the police did not take a report or arrest him over the abuse allegations.

A judge granted Keke the temporary restraining order last week. Jackson was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the actress and their son. He was also required to turn over his handgun.

Keke’s temporary restraining order will remain in place until the December 5 hearing, in which she can argue to make it permanent.

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