K. Michelle Contemplates Getting Vaccinated, Says the Vaccine Could Negatively Interact with the Silicone Left in Her Body After 16 Surgeries

K. Michelle’s body has been through a LOT in recent years.

We can’t speak to what ALL she’s done, but she’s been very open about the lengths she’s gone through to remove silicone from her butt and how it has been affecting her overall health.

In a recent Instagram Live session, K. opened up about why she might not get vaccinated for COVID-19 and potential side effects.

“Silicone and the vaccine don’t mix well together. It makes you extremely sick. So, I have to make a decision about fighting a sickness when I’m just getting healthy again and the chance of what the vaccine might do to me — because you never get silicone out of your body! It’s not what you think it is. Sixteen surgeries later, four blood transfusions later. Yea I’m not gonna be myself — but, y’all don’t care until somebody die.”

Sixteen surgeries? That’s…a lot.

Watch K. speak on it below.

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