JT Explains Why She Threw Her Phone At Lil Uzi Vert During 2023 BET Awards [Video] | lovebscott.com

The City Girls had a lot to talk about following the release of their new album R.A.W..

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City Girls sat down with “The Breakfast Club” to promote their third studio album, RAW. The project dropped last Friday (Oct. 20) with notable names like Lil Durk, Kim Petras, Juicy J, and Usher featured on it.

During their conversation with the radio show, Charlamagne Tha God asked JT about a clip of her and Lil Uzi Vert getting into an argument at the 2023 BET Awards. In a video that went viral, the Miami rapper threw her phone at them before walking out.

“The reason I threw my phone at Uzi is because he had to perform. So we get in there, and baby, I’m so sorry when I say this. Uzi is like a frantic kid. He moves around a lot, and he [plays] a lot. So when he got off stage, he came to me like, ‘Come on. Let’s go, let’s go,’” JT explained. “Then I had on this big a** dress. I had on a huge dress. So I’m thinking [he’s] leaving and about to send somebody back to come and get me. When I get up, he down there chillin’ with [A$AP] Bari.”

She continued, “It was never about another artist because an artist is supposed to be there. It was never about that. It’s about that you made sure that Bari was in his seat.”

Later in the discussion, JT affirmed that Ice Spice had nothing to do with the situation. When the headlines originally surfaced online, fans speculated that the City Girls member was mad that Uzi mentioned the Bronx native in his “Spin Again” performance at the award show.

The “No Bars” artist later disclosed that she spoke with Spice at the ceremony despite what blogs previously reported. “You ain’t even hear me say nothing ‘bout woman, girl, b**ch, nothing. Like girl, sis, nothing. Even when I walked up, I said hi to her,” JT revealed. “I talked to her when we walked back in, and we sat back down. We watched the Migos… I talked to her. I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up.’”

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