Jonathan Owens Fires Back At Fan Claiming His Wife Simone Biles is ‘So F–king Rude’ [Photos] |

Jonathan Owens Fires Back At Fan Claiming His Wife Simone Biles is ‘So F–king Rude’ [Photos]

Simone Biles has been defended by her NFL husband Jonathan Owens on Twitter after a story went viral on social media accusing her of once being ‘f***ing rude’ to staff at a makeup store.

via: NY Post

Owens took to X (formerly known as Twitter) on Thursday and accused the fan of “just trying to go viral” with the story, which he said wasn’t true because he was with Biles at the time.

In a series of posts on X, the fan — who has since made her account private — claimed Biles was rude to the staff at the store, and denied her co-worker a picture with her 4-year-old daughter while at the check-out counter.

“Simone said, ‘Absolutely not. Your daughter is 4 she doesn’t even know me,’” the fan wrote, according to screen grabs of the posts shared by Owens.

The fan also claimed the 26-year-old gymnast who owns four Olympics gold medals complained to the store manager “that she hated the feeling of people staring at her while shopping.”

Owens, 28, explained in his own series of posts on X that he couldn’t help but speak up after seeing lies being spread on the internet — and called his wife the “sweetest” person.

“Spreading lies on the internet is crazy,” he said. “It’s okay for her to deny a picture.

“People don’t understand sometimes you just want to shop in peace, if she stops and takes one picture people will just keep following her and won’t leave us alone.”

In a separate post, Owens wrote, “And another thing, I’ve never heard her talk to someone like that, especially to someone who asked her for a picture, like why would you try to make her look like that.

“I’m not going for that, I don’t play bout my baby.”

It’s unclear if the fan responded as her X account is now private as of Friday.

Biles has yet to address the situation publicly.

However, she did repost Owens’ screen grabs of the fan’s message on X.

Biles and Owens tied the knot this past spring.

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