John Singleton’s Ex-GF’s $15 Million War Against Late Director’s Mom Over ‘Snowfall’ Residuals Dismissed |

John Singleton’s Ex-GF’s $15 Million War Against Late Director’s Mom Over ‘Snowfall’ Residuals Dismissed

Another win for the Singleton estate.

via: Radar Online

The bombshell lawsuit filed by John Singleton’s ex-girlfriend demanding a cut of his film residuals has been thrown out of court.

According to court documents obtained by, a federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Vestria Barlow against Sheila Ward.

Ward was appointed administrator of her late son’s estate following his death in 2019.

The only beneficiaries of the estate are Singleton’s 7 children: Justice, Selenesol, Hadar, Massai, Cleopatra, Isis, and Seven.

Barlow, who has two children with Singleton, accused Ward of fraud.

In her complaint, Barlow said she sought to recover damages for the defendants’ “knowingly and intentionally failure and refusal to pay past and ongoing royalties, residuals and compensation for use of Plaintiff’s intellectual property in films, television programs, videos, and other streaming services.

In court documents, Barlow claimed that she collaborated with Singleton on projects since 1998. She said she worked on Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Woo, Rosewood, Shaft, Baby Boy, Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, and many others. She said she even contributed to his hit show Snowfall.

Barlow said she was owed 7-10% of all residuals owed to Singleton. In her lawsuit, she accused Ward and the studios of failing to properly account for residuals.

“The studio defendants, defendant Shelia Ward, and defendant Estate of John D. Singleton did knowingly, intentionally, negligently did conceal true and accurate income derived from properties where royalties and residuals are and wad due plaintiff,” the suit read.

Barlow demanded $15 million for her alleged financial loss, humiliation, emotional distress, anxiety, and stress.

Ward asked the court to throw out the case. She argued she had no ties to the state of Louisiana — where Barlow filed her lawsuit.

Recently, the court sided with Barlow and dismissed the case.

As first reported, Ward was victorious in a separate battle with Singleton’s daughter Cleopatra over a monthly 4-figure sum she had demanded for schooling.

Singleton’s kid had been receiving $2,700 per month for tuition. However, Ward said Cleopatra had graduated in 2021 and no longer needed the funds.

Cleopatra claimed she was enrolled in on-line classes and needed the money. In the end, the judge sided with Ward and cut off the allowance.

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