John Legend Is the Official Brand Ambassador of the Newly-Relaunched Neopets [Video]

Have you heard? Neopets is making a comeback.

During last night’s “Neopets Era Party” at San Diego Comic-Con, The Neopets Team (TNT) revealed that John Legend will serve as the brand’s official Ambassador.

via CBR:

In a video message exclusively shared with those present at the event, Legend expressed his enthusiasm for the role, stating, “I’m the brand ambassador of the Neopets. You know the game, it’s a classic pets game, and it’s long been a favorite in our house, and I can’t wait to share the joy and nostalgia with all of you. So stay tuned, we have some amazing adventures together.”

On July 20, the website’s launch showed off a fresh design and user-friendly features, marking an exciting new period for Neopets fans. Along with the revamped website, the team pledged to update the website with more than 50 flash games within the upcoming week.

With CEO Dominic Law leading the way, TNT announced exciting plans to breathe new life into the popular virtual world. A major makeover for the website now shows a single homepage, making it easier for users to explore all that Neopets offers. The team also focused on enhanced community interaction, fixing bugs, and building stronger community groups to bring back ‘Neopia’ to its former “glory.” “We’ll be bringing new more community involvement, a new plot, a new unified homepage where you can access everything,” said the team. Moreover, Neopets aficionados can look forward to a new plot titled “The Void Within.”

In 1999, British developers created Neopets, which soared to an astounding 25 million users in the mid-2000s. After Viacom bought the platform for $160 million in 2005, it struggled to adapt to the changing digital world. This led to the loss of some features and functions, and by 2017, daily users plummeted to just 100,000. Despite running at a loss for over ten years, Neopets secured $4M in funding from multiple investors in 2023, aiming to achieve a shared vision of a captivating, community-based gaming experience.

We certainly did NOT have John Legend x Neopets on our 2023 bingo card.


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