Carlee Russell's Boyfriend Releases a Statement After She Admitted She Lied About Being Kidnapped

Carlee Russell’s now ex-boyfriend, Thomar Latrell Simmons, has taken to Instagram to disavow Carlee’s actions and let everyone know he’s no longer supporting her now that she has admitted her entire ‘kidnapping’ was a hoax.

In his post, Thomar said:

“Carlee’s actions created hurt, confusion, and dishonesty. I was made aware of the false narrative after coming to the defense of my ex Carlee Russell.”

He continued:

“Myself and my family’s nature was to react in love, and genuine concern. We are disgusted from the outcome of this entire situation. I strongly feel exactly like you all, blindsided by Carlee’s actions.”

Thomar concluded his post by thanking everyone who helped look for Carlee and asked for prayers.

“This is still an ongoing investigation but with all of the recent information and her confession now we gain closure with this situation. Thank you to all my family, friends, and the nation for support through this. I want to also send my prayers and thanks to Ms. Angela Haley-Harris, her team, and all of the volunteers. Thank you again for your unwavering support.”

“The severity in this matter has not been overlooked, and I deeply respect the genuine support shared during this situation. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. With love, Thomar.”

See his post below:


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