Joe Budden Explains Decision To Cut Diddy Segment From Latest Podcast |

Joe Budden Explains Decision To Cut Diddy Segment From Latest Podcast

Joe Budden’s explaining a controversial cut to a recent episode of his podcast.

The episode was uploaded on Saturday, and according to the description, the JBP crew was going to talk about CNN obtaining the explosive video at the 1:08:03 mark. However, upon listening to the episode, there was no mention of the video, and folks on social media were quick to investigate.

“The Diddy topic was 100% edited out of the Joe Budden podcast, and whoever uploaded the podcast initially forgot to remove the Diddy timestamps from the description,” one person tweeted. Budden then joined a Twitter Spaces chat where he explained what happened with the segment.

According to Budden, the JBP crew was in the middle of recording the episode when the news got out. They decided to speak on the matter briefly, but Budden said he was advised to drop another version as the original was insensitive.

“I went outside with Emanny last night, and he said to me, ‘Hey man, I think you all should readdress the Puff shit because y’all gonna get killed.’ And I said, ‘Why the story was breaking? We addressed it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but it wasn’t the address.’ It wasn’t the address that is appropriate for what happened,” Budden said.

He continued, “So I took it out; I took it out because it was insensitive for the moment. It was talking for four minutes about what happened, and in three minutes at the end, it was not the attention that the story needed, and it wasn’t the commentary that it needed. So I don’t need to be the first one to run to something.”

Budden added that the JBP crew would officially address the situation during Wednesday’s episode and continued to ask why people believe he and his team are running away from the topic or trying to protect their relationship with Diddy. According to Budden, he has “absolutely zero ties” to Diddy and asked why people seem to be afraid to speak on the mogul.

via: Complex

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