Jim Acosta Lays Into ‘Bulls**t Factory’ Fox News and New York Post [Photo + Video]

During Saturday’s broadcast of CNN Newsroom, the weekend anchor delivered a segment about the dangers of misinformation propagated by news outlets like Fox News.

via: The Daily Beast

CNN’s Jim Acosta took aim at Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in a Saturday segment, decrying a false story in the New York Post about Kamala Harris and the conservative media that amplified it, namely Fox News. He said, “The lies these days are moving at the speed of light while spreading so much darkness. Take, for example, the uproar over this New York Post story that claimed that copies of a children’s book written by Vice President Kamala Harris were being given to migrant kids in their welcome kits. That tale from the border didn’t just border on B.S., this was USDA, grade A bulls–t.

And the reporter who wrote this story resigned, claiming she was forced to make it up, but the damage was done, pumped out over the airwaves at the bulls–t factory known as Fox News.” CNN did not bleep the curse words in Acosta’s remarks.

It’s worth noting Fox News later acknowledged the New York Post’s inaccurate reporting, citing a fact-check by the Washington Post.

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