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Jif Peanut Butter Products Recalled Over Potential Salmonella Contamination [Photo]

Multiple Jif peanut butter products are being recalled due to an outbreak of salmonella linked to a Lexington, Ky., manufacturing facility.

via: Complex

J.M. Smucker, Jif’s parent company, announced the news in a press release on Friday, saying that the peanut butter was sold nationwide and the recall includes more than 45 kinds of products.

“We apologize for the concern this will cause but we have initiated a voluntary recall of select Jif products sold in the U.S. and Canada due to potential salmonella contamination,” J.M. Smucker said on its website.

States reporting salmonella cases are Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

“Consumers, restaurants, and retailers should not eat, sell, or serve any recalled Jif brand peanut butter that have lot code numbers 1274425 through 2140425, only if the first seven digits end with 425,” the FDA said in an official statement.

Fourteen people in 12 states have reported illnesses connected to the outbreak, with the latest illness was reported on May 1, 2022. Two have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been associated with the outbreak.

Salmonella, when it infects healthy people, causes symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Life-threatening complications also may develop if the infection spreads beyond the intestines.

“Five out of five people reported consuming peanut butter and four of the five people specifically reported consuming different varieties of Jif brand peanut butter prior to becoming ill,” the FDA said.

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