Jesse Williams Denies Ex-Wife Aryn Drake-Lee's Request for $200,000 in Additional Legal Fees: 'This Is Not a Free Ride'

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee’s messy divorce continues to make headlines.

According to reports, Jesse is asking a judge to deny Aryn Drake-Lee’s motion requesting he pay her $200,000 for her legal bills and to hire a forensic accountant to prep for the upcoming divorce trial.

via The Blast:

Williams says he has already paid $270,000 toward his ex’s legal bills in the case. He claims the court already determined that was more than enough.

The actor argues that Aryn is capable of contributing more toward her own fees, pointing out he pays her $100k a month in support alone. He accuses her of using her support to buy artwork and not pay her lawyers.

Williams wants the judge to deny her motion, saying “this is not a free ride” and is asking her to pay her own bills moving forward.

He also notes that during the trial, “Aryn will likely claim she is losing money on her businesses yet even assuming this true, Jesse should not be prejudiced as a result of Aryn’s poor investment choices.”

The trial is set to go down later this year.

As The Blast first reported, Aryn Drake-Lee recently went to the court requesting her ex pay her lawyer $100,000. She also is seeking an additional $100,000 for a forensic accountant she used to prepare for the upcoming divorce trial.

During the trial, Drake-Lee is expected to argue for no reduction in the support the “Grey’s Anatomy” star pays her per month. He has been battling her to try and lower it down from the current $100,000 a month, saying it’s way too high. She also believes Williams owes her close to $1 million in retroactive support.

Jesse Williams currently pays her $100k a month in support ($50k for child and spousal). This number was based on his average monthly income of $521,000.

Drake-Lee and Williams currently have joint legal custody with a flexible physical custody plan to accommodate his “Grey’s Anatomy” shooting schedule.

She also wanted a consistent schedule, saying her ex doesn’t provide her with his “Grey’s” shooting schedule but wants him to turn it over weekly.

Jesse and Aryn married in 2012 and split in 2017. They share two kids from their marriage.

Do you think he should pay or should she foot some of this bill on her own?

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