Jennifer Williams Responds to Leaked Texts of Her Threatening to Expose Evelyn Lozada's Daughter, Says They're Fake |

Jennifer Williams Responds to Leaked Texts of Her Threatening to Expose Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter, Says They’re Fake

Jennifer Williams’ ex, Aaron Nichols, took to Instagram to hit back against Jen’s claims that he stole her Range Rover.

In his now-deleted response, Aaron shared screenshots of receipts as well as text messages between himself and Jennifer.

One of the messages saw Jennifer telling Aarono that she was planning to expose Evelyn Lozada’s daughter’s nudes.

“I hate these messy b****es. Evelyn made me want to slap the s**t out of her. I should have leaked her daughter’s nudes. I could have exposed her a**,” she allegedly wrote.

Aaron responded:

“Come on Jen, when they go low, u go high, leave her kids out of it and keep it classy.”

Jennifer then replied:

“But I want to break these b****es baby. All of them. Especially Shaunie. She was talking s**t about me saying Shaq cheated on like it was a lie. Everyone knows he had kids behind her back. And Malaysia, or should I say ghetto a** LaQuisha, doesn’t even have a mind of her own. Whatever Evelyn and Shaunie says, Malaysia hops on board.”

Setting things ALL The way off, Aaron captioned the post:

“A big reason why I wanted to end things with #JenniferwilliAms is because she was such an ugly person on the inside and she was engulfed with fame and notoriety. She asked me to be a love interest on her TV show; I declined over and over. Every conversation was about basketball wives and just downing a lot of women, some of these women, ironically being the same ones in her comments supporting her right now. When we would be together, she would be on her phone the entire time, scrolling social media, which I thought was very childish. She also would create and leak stories to the media. Once, she asked me if I knew someone who would release @evelynlozada daughter’s @shanieceh nudes I WAS TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH HER.”

After Jennifer saw Aaron’s alleged receipts, she responded in another now-deleted Instagram post:

“More real receipts on the money you owe me, should I post your bank info too.. Don’t play with me with this fake s**t! Return all these people’s money you stole and cars. Stop trying to deflect. Nobody wants you with your 10 kids you don’t take care of #Loser”

That’s not a good enough denial for us, Jennifer. Things are looking real funny in the light.

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