Jay-Z Halts Fan With One Move After Being Filmed Dancing At Beyoncé Concert [Video]

Jay-Z let loose with his newly married mother at a recent Renaissance show, getting caught doing the Electric Slide while Beyoncé performed.

via: HipHopDX

The Roc Nation mogul has been a fixture in the VIP section on Bey’s Renaissance Tour, and he was once again spotted cheering on his wife as she performed at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on Saturday night (July 8).

Hov did more than just watch on, though; he was also seen letting his hair down as he did the electric slide with his mother, Gloria Carter, and other family and friends as Beyoncé performed “Before I Let Go.”

The moment was caught on camera by a nearby fan in the crowd, who captured JAY-Z smoothly hitting his steps with a glass of champagne in hand.

When he turned around and noticed the fan recording him, however, the Brooklyn-bred billionaire stopped them in their tracks in equally poised fashion by simply holding up one finger, causing them to immediately stop filming.

“Caught JAY-Z on 4K but then he caught me,” read the camera-friendly fan’s caption.

This is far from the first time JAY-Z has been forced to subtly reprimand a fan for overstepping boundaries. While attending a Los Angeles Lakers game with his daughter Blue Ivy in 2020, one over-eager fan got a little too close for comfort by putting their arm around Jay’s shoulder.

Hov, who had been all smiles while greeting some of the players, literally brushed off the man’s unsolicited hug, prompting him to immediately remove his arm and apologize profusely.

The following year, another fan ran afoul of the 53-year-old rap legend when they asked him to autograph their bootleg vinyl as he left his New York City office one night.

While he happily signed albums from other fans, including copies of In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, The Blueprint and The Black Album, JAY-Z shirked at inking the fan’s unauthorized vinyl, which he didn’t recognize.

“That one ain’t even real,” he said as he stopped himself from signing it and walking away, leaving the fan visibly disappointed.

Nor is this the first time Hov has been caught hitting the electric slide. Back in 2017, a video of JAY-Z and Beyoncé doing the 1970s line dance with a group of others at a kid’s birthday party went viral.

“Why at every party even a kid’s party do we have to do 10 versions of the Harlem shuffle, electric slide, cupid Shuffle, wobble Shuffle, The Texas shuffle — everything but the kitchen sink Shuffle,” Bey’s mother Tina Knowles captioned the since-deleted clip on Instagram.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour continues in Philadelphia on Wednesday (July 12) and will keep the Grammys record-holder on the road until October. Whether her husband provides any more viral moments between now and then remains to be seen.

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