Devin Booker Ripped Apart After Supporting Jonah Hill [Photos] |

Devin Booker Ripped Apart After Supporting Jonah Hill [Photos]

Amid the recent controversy surrounding actor Jonah Hill, Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker has taken to social media to show his support.

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Devin Booker has had some fairly successful seasons in Phoenix over the last few years. Moreover, with Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal on his team, the Suns are expected to contend for a title. Overall, Booker has a bit of a bad reputation around the league. For some reason, a lot of fans on NBA Twitter just don’t like him. Although he is a good player, there is this narrative that he is simply too overrated to be taken so seriously.

Now, however, there are some people on NBA Twitter who have changed their tone on Booker. This is all because of the stance he has taken on Jonah Hill. Over the weekend, Hill was accused of emotional abuse and manipulation by his ex-girlfriend. In some messages, Hill essentially told a surfer that she couldn’t surf anymore if she wanted to be with him. This sparked a conversation about boundaries that the incel community couldn’t help keep their hands off of. As it turns out, Booker decided to take Hill’s side on this, as he posted the actor on his Instagram story.

While some of the weirdos on NBA Twitter were quick to praise Booker for a “rare W,” others were quick to eat him alive. After all, it was a bit weird for Booker to praise Hill considering the discourse. Just staying quiet would have played things way safer. Regardless, Booker made his bed, and some made sure that he laid in it. “Why is devin booker dying on this jonah hill,” one user joked. “Surprisingly this makes book less hated on NBA Twitter because this app full of weirdos lol but this such an L man smh I’m disappointed,” said another.

Overall, this is one of those situations that has a polarizing range of opinions.

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