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Jason Momoa Clarifies That He’s ‘Just Houseless’ and ‘Not Homeless’ Amid Divorce From Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa is clarifying his comments about his living situation post-divorce from Lisa Bonet after receiving some backlash.

via Complex:

The couple announced their split in January of 2022. Per court documents reviewed by TMZ, both Momoa and Bonet appeared to have worked out the details of their divorce privately before bringing the petition to court earlier this week. Bonet, 56, and Momoa, 44, were reported to share joint and physical custody of their two children in addition to living expenses for the children. Neither party requested spousal support nor child support. The divorce was settled a day after it was filed.

In an interview published on Thursday with ET’s Kevin Frazer, Momoa said that he doesn’t have a place to live.

“Bro, I don’t even have a home right now,” said Momoa, 44. “I live on the road. So I’m down to New Zealand to start Minecraft. I hope everyone loves it … I’m always in these weird places. You’re gonna find me on the road all the time. [People are] like ‘What the hell are you doing in our hometown?’”

Unsurprisingly, this well-intended comment made its way across the internet and inspired headlines that suggested Momoa was homeless as a result of his divorce.

However, Momoa had a chance to clear the air once and for all when he spoke to People at an event for the documentary Common Ground in Beverly Hills on Thursday night.

“I’m just houseless. I’m not homeless,” the Aquaman actor told People. “I have a nice trailer. Everyone’s like ‘Jason Momoa’s homeless.’ I’m like, ‘Relax. I got a fucking sleeping bag.’”

Momoa added that despite his hectic schedule, he hopes to “slow down” eventually. 

“I’ve never bought a house yet, so I’m excited to one day … Like, ‘Jason Momoa bought a home. Holy shit, he’s got a pillow now.’”

We knew he would have to come back and answer for those comments.

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