Janet Jackson Has One Major Reason We Should All Stay at Home Right Now

Despite stay-at-home orders in major cities across several states, some people still aren’t taking the spread of the coronavirus seriously.

As the duration of the orders keep getting extended to combat the spread and we’re all forced to stay inside, Janet Jackson is sharing one good reason for us ALL to do our part to make this pandemic end faster.

“Can y’all just stay inside?,” Janet tweeted with a smiley face emoji on Thursday, “I got sh*t to do in June.”

As you may know, Janet’s upcoming Black Diamond world tour is set to launch in Miami on June 24.

We ALL have sh*t to do in May, June — and for the rest of the year. Please listen to Janet (as well as your local authorities) and do your part to slow the spread of coronavirus so we can begin to return to our normal lives.


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