Ja Rule Says Trump is Allowed on His App Iconn After Twitter Banned Him

Ja Rule is launching a new app for celebrity booking and while Donald Trump is getting booted from apps left and right, Ja says Trump is more than welcome on his.

The app is called Iconn and was designed to help people book celebrities for various appearances.

As per Ja, Trump is allowed to create an account on the app to secure bookings only if he doesn’t use it to mobilize his followers to act up.

“It’s freedom for everybody,” Ja said. “But I suppose if he started doing crazy things like trying to rile up his base and get the proud boys going on Iconn, then he got to go. Any funny shit out of you Donnie and you gotta go.”

The former rapper continued,

“[Jack Dorsey] said it best when he [banned] Trump. He said that he believes that it’s the right thing to do but he also believes this is a slippery slope. And that’s exactly what I felt about it—the decision that was made. I really do believe it was the right decision because the rhetoric and the things he was tweeting … they rushed the goddamn Capitol for christ’s sake. Something had to be done.” Ja added, “So Trump, come on over to Iconn and get yourself a page. But you better behave.”

Welcoming Trump on anything doesn’t seem like a good idea to us — but this is Ja Rule, the man who brought you the Fyre Festival. He’s proven to not have the best ideas.

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