It Ain't Over! Brandy Tweets-Then-Deletes Some Subtle Shade About 'Real' Recognizing 'Fake' [Photo]


It looks like the petty drama between Brandy and Monica is continuing.

Yesterday, we showed you a clip of Monica’s eloquent response to Loni Love on ‘The Real’ when asked about the state of her and Brandy’s relationship. 

Basically, Monica said that she’s unbothered and has no reason to be bothered — especially considering the ONLY Grammy either Brandy or Monica has is the one they earned together for “The Boy Is Mine” back in 1999.

We didn’t think there was anything particularly shady about Mo’s response, but it looks like Brandy may have taken some offense.

Earlier this morning, Brandy tweeted-then-deleted a photo of herself with her mother on stage along with a caption about ‘real’ recognizing ‘fake.’

Take a look:


Naturally, everyone assumed the shady caption was in reference to what Monica said on ‘The Real’ the other day.

What makes it even more interesting is that when called out by a fan about the deleted tweet, Brandy didn’t deny the shade…she simply laughed at it.

After deleting the photo with the shady caption, she re-uploaded the photo with just a heart emoji.

They really need to let this go.

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