InstaGLAM: Gabrielle Union Shows Off Her Second Wedding Dress [Photos]


After having some of her private moments exposed last week, Gabrielle Union is sharing some approved photos for the world to see.

She posted a stunning photo of her second wedding dress from her and Dwyane Wade’s lavish ceremony back in August.

Gabrielle also posted a gorgeous photo of the dress she wore down the aisle…

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.49.22 AM

…along with the caption:

The walk… To love ??… I leave behind fear, judgement, scorn… I will not be shamed, lectured on what I “deserve” or what I have “coming to me”… I’m a lot of things but careless, ignorant, gullible or a deviant, I am not. Love to those who have shown me love… God Bless #tbt #happy ???????????? #andthebeatgoeson #whosewatchinScandaltonight #gladiatorsstandup

Work, Gabby!


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