Infamous ‘WAP’ Hater Ben Shapiro Has Set His Sights On ‘Pound Town,’ So Sexyy Red And Nicki Minaj Both Reacted To The Criticism [Photos + Video]

Sexyy Red and Tay Keith have a hit on their hands with “Pound Town,” which received further attention when Nicki Minaj hopped on the remix, dubbed “Pound Town 2.” It’s a super saucy song, so naturally, people who aren’t into that sort of explicit lyric won’t love it.

via: Rap-Up

After taking shots at Kanye West in 2022, Ben Shapiro is back in the spotlight with fresh controversy surrounding rising rap sensation Sexyy Red’s track “Pound Town 2” featuring Nicki Minaj.

The conservative commentator let loose in a recent video on Monday (June 19), dismissing the song as inferior to “the great pieces of art in the history of Western civilization.” He provocatively claimed that the sexually-charged lyrics made Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” seem almost “childhood-friendly.”

“This all seems like an amazing way of capturing your an excellent father for your son. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to open applications by describing the color of your booty hole. That is a great way to find your spouse,” Shapiro sarcastically stated. “Apparently Nicki Minaj found it necessary to do a second version of ‘Pound Town.’”

Shortly after, Minaj fired back on Twitter, taunting Shapiro by invoking her alter ego, “Roman said leave his a** out of it sir! No pun intended.” The exchange ignited a beef between the two.

Shapiro, undeterred, returned to the platform on June 21 to retort, “Not possible, NICKIMINAJ, since you have apparently never recorded a song that left your a** out of it.” Swiftly, Minaj clapped back with a risqué comment hinting at a possible lyrical addition to her next track, “Next time I’ll be sure to add my d**k. So you can suck it. Love you.” Unfazed, Shapiro took another jab at the artist, tweeting, “Surprise twist: NICKIMINAJ was the one with the anaconda all along.”

In contrast to the fiery back-and-forth between Shapiro and Minaj, Sexyy Red has so far only responded by retweeting a few clips of Shapiro’s critical video. The lyricist’s silence amid the turmoil brings an unexpected calm to the escalating controversy.

“Pound Town 2” has undoubtedly captivated fans, while also stirring up a measure of dissent amongst detractors like Shapiro. The escalating online feud has sparked interest in the track, boosting its popularity and pushing it further into the spotlight.

As fans continue to witness and even engage in the exchanges between Shapiro and Minaj, the question remains whether the latter will respond to Shapiro’s latest remark.

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