Hold Up: Tyga Offers 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner a Tequila Shot While Celebrating Her Birthday [Video]


Kylie Jenner celebrated her 17th birthday last night, and of course several of her famous (and much older) friends came out to celebrate.

Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, The Game & Tyga were just a few of the famous faces in attendance.

In a moment that probably shouldn’t have been captured on tape, Tyga was seen offering 17-year-old Kylie a shot of tequila. You can hear him in the video chanting ‘take a shot, take a shot!’

We find it somewhat alarming that these grown men would want to get this 17-year-old girl a little drunk, but that’s none of our business *sips tea*.

Not to mention, we’re sure Mama Kris Jenner was probably just a few feet away from the foolery.

The clip ends before we get to see if Kylie actually took the drink…

Check it out below!

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