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HBCU+ And UEN Continue To Disrupt The Norms For ‘Neglected’ Black Colleges By Giving Them Control Over Sports Broadcasting

Talk about moving the needle.

via: Sports Illustrated

In the evolving landscape of sports entertainment, Urban Edge Network, LLC (UEN), spearheaded by Hardy Pelt, founding member and Chief Revenue Officer, alongside CEO Todd Brown, has achieved an incredible feat by introducing the historically black college sports platform, HBCU+ in 2021.

Since then, they have gained a remarkable reach of over 300 million devices nationally and internationally, HBCU+ and UEN apps have disrupted a space that had long been neglected by corporations and advertising agencies. The genesis of this groundbreaking initiative began when Pelt presented the challenges faced by HBCUs to the Trump administration, highlighting their struggles to monetize their sports properties.

Seeking legal assistance, Pelt’s attorney introduced him to industry veteran Todd Brown, who was one of the owners of TheGrio, which he packaged and sold to Byron Allen. Previously, he led Ebony and Jet magazines as Group Publisher. He also held senior executive roles at Yap Studios, Comcast, Viacom, GE, Dell, HP, and IBM. He is currently Chairman-elect of American Diabetes Association and a 15-year serving active member of the Executive Leadership Council.

Their alliance, forged in the fight for equal treatment for Black-owned media companies, proved instrumental in creating a unique platform design. Despite initial opposition from the industry, Brown and Pelt showcased their determination to educate the marketplace, providing HBCUs with the much-needed exposure to revenue streams that had been traditionally enjoyed by predominantly white-owned networks.

Furthermore, the partnership established with Amagi has accelerated the growth of these platforms, granting unfettered access to technological advancements, programmatic strategies, and influencer elements. This integration will maximize revenues for their HBCU partners and help uplift the athletic departments, allowing them to overcome financial struggles.

The dynamic duo of executives has recorded historic milestones since the launch of the company including the first of its kind broadcasting partnership with the NBA G League Texas Legends, and the broadcast partnership with the inaugural Florida Beach Bowl last December.

The partnership with the Impact Network gave UEN and HBCU+ the capability of broadcasting in 70% of the country. That vast audience in more than 100 live events aided UEN’s growth to become the number one Black owned network for HBCU sports.

With a commitment to disrupting the marketplace and creating an inclusive sports entertainment landscape, HBCU+ and UEN are paving the way for a new era of representation and financial stability for historically black colleges.

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