Hate It or Love It: Miley Cyrus Pairs KTZ Bomber Jacket & Ashish Jeans At Myspace Launch Event [Photos]

Miley Cyrus

There is no doubt that Miley Cyrus has become a fashion muse and modern day style star; she has always been one to do her own thing and appears to not care what anyone thinks… bravo for that!

However, with that being said let’s discuss Miley’s choice of outfit at the New Myspace Launch Event at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Miley paired a leather T by Alexander Wang Bra Top with an interesting pleather KTZ bomber jacket with embroidering on the back, white Christian Louboutin pumps, and the most oversized, baggy jeans we have ever seen by Ashish. The pants are sweats on one side and denim on the other, so can they still be considered pants?!

Look, we are all for being unique to allow one’s personality to shine through… but not if that will cause migraines secondary to visual fatigue from trying to figure out said person’s outfit, oooh chile! Wasn’t it enough that the pants were oversized but the jacket too, with one rolled up sleeve? Anywho we’re going to take an Excedrin migraine now, but do you hate or love Miley’s ensemble?

Check more pics below to help you decide, including one from the runway of the Ashish pants…





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