Hate It or Love It? Kim Kardashian Bares Her Belly in Lacy Blouse [Photos]

Kim Kardashian Navy Lace 3

If Kim Kardashian looks happier than she has the last few days, it might be because according to sources she’s set to settle her ongoing divorce case with Kris Humphries within the next 24 hours…that’s only if she apologizes. According to Radar Online:

“Put simply, if Kim were to formally apologize to Kris in court tomorrow — and if he felt it were sincere — he would likely agree to end the marriage and avoid the trial.”

Kim was spotted  heading into popular Italian restaurant La Scala with some friends, including best friend and Real Housewives Of Miami star Lara Pippen. She sure does love her lace tops, doesn’t she?

What do you think of Kim’s maternity style? We dig the overall look, but we would have preferred if her stomach was completely covered.

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