Guardian Of Wendy Williams Seeks To Prevent Controversial Documentary From Airing |

Guardian Of Wendy Williams Seeks To Prevent Controversial Documentary From Airing

Wendy Williams’ guardian has filed a lawsuit against Lifetime’s parent company, A&E Television Networks.

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Per a report from TMZ, the guardian of Wendy Williams has filed a lawsuit to block Lifetime from airing their Where Is Wendy Williams? documentary this weekend. Sabrina Morrissey has petitioned a judge for a restraining order. If successful, this could prevent the documentary from airing in a two-part format on Saturday and Sunday. This remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and when they emerge.

However, fans are confused as to why a white attorney is Williams’ guardian, as opposed to a member of Williams’ family. “Wendy has a son, a brother, a father and a sister that is an attorney. How is this happening, why can’t one of them be her guardian? Who’s advising the son, he’s her next of kin, there has to be some rights he has! Smh, I hate seeing this happen to her. Smh,” one person noted. “Her son needs to fight to be made her guardian. How is this woman I’ll and her guardian is letting her drink entire bottles in her bedroom,” added another.

Meanwhile, Williams has reportedly been in a treatment facility for “cognitive issues” since April 2023, her family has claimed. Additionally, her family has stated that due to a state-mandated conservatorship, it is difficult for them to see the TV icon. “The people who love her cannot see her. I think the big [question] is: How the hell did we get here?” Williams’ sister Wanda said. It is unclear if the move to a treatment facility is part of the family move to Florida that reportedly occurred sometime last year.

This comes, as mentioned, amid the impending release of a controversial Lifetime documentary, Where Is Wendy Williams? Airing later this week, Wanda claims the documentary was originally meant to follow Williams’ triumphant return to television. However, things quickly changed course. The documentary is now expected to give a much more sobering look at Williams’ current state.

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