Giuseppe Zanotti + Kanye West = 'Cruel Summer' Shoe [Photos] |

Giuseppe Zanotti + Kanye West = ‘Cruel Summer’ Shoe [Photos]

‘Cruel Summer’ shoe taken by Theophilus London at Milan Fashion Week.

Giuseppe Zanotti and Kanye West have done it again! The ‘Cruel Summer’ shoe has been designed by the famous designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Kanye West to accompany the artist’s G.O.O.D. music compilation, ‘Cruel Summer’. Everyone was a little disappointed when Kanye confirmed that he would indeed not be showing a line at Paris Fashion Week this year; so what is a musical genius turned part-time designer to do? Design another shoe with one of the most respected and talented designers of our time and then have it displayed at Milan Fashion Week like an art masterpiece, that’s what!

We can thank dope artist Theophilus London for taking a snapshot of the shoe during his time at Milan Fashion Week then posting it for all to see! Looking at the shoe and then at the ‘Cruel Summer’ album cover artwork, you can defintiely see the unity of design and vision; both are simplistically ornate! The ‘Cruel Summer’ shoe has a grecian style leaf design that looks to be made of some marble or porcelain material. The leaf motif looks as if it will cover the top of the foot and extend high above the ankle! The ‘Cruel Summer’ shoe looks beautiful, but not sure how wearable it is yet. Guess we will just have to wait for Kim K. to strut it!

Check out a pic of the ‘Cruel Summer’ shoe again and the album artwork. How do you like the ‘Cruel Summer shoe’?!





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