Girl, Bye! Food Network Host Sunny Anderson Apologizes After Criticizing Weinstein Accusers for Coming Forward 'Late'

‘How’d That Get on My Plate?’ host Sunny Anderson found herself in hot water after she got on Twitter and criticized women coming forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

Sunny says that while ‘she’ was brave in the past for reporting a former boss for sexual harassment, she feels the women who come forward after the first victim are not ‘brave’ at all.

“When I reported my 1st radio boss for sexual harassment, I felt brave,” she tweeted late Saturday night. “The 4 co-workers that came out AFTER me were not brave to me…at all.”

Sunny continued to blame her fellow victims for her assault.

“In fact I blamed them and still do for not being BRAVE and reporting him before he had a chance to make one more victim.”

Her line of questioning and reason only got worse from there.

“So, as all these women come out of the woodwork…ask yourself… were they complicit in their silence? Complicit when taking payoffs?” she asked. “I refuse to call the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 10th person to come out and say, “me too”, BRAVE. We can call them LATE though … or I can.”

She also questioned why the women accusing Harvey Weinstein were meeting them in his hotel room in the first place.

“Anyone wondering how/why some of these women even stepped in a hotel room???????Anyone? Are people too afraid to ask?”

After some swift and harsh backlash, she deleted her tweets and apologized.


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