It’s Getting Messy: Wendy Williams’ Brother Tommy Responds to Her Threats, Says She Lied to Dad and Skipped Mom’s Funeral [Video]

Wendy Williams’ brother, Tommy Williams, has clapped back at Wendy’s threats to ‘expose’ him with receipts.

On Monday’s episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ Wendy addressed Tommy directly after he got online and told everyone she didn’t attend their mother’s funeral.

She also insinuated there was some tea to be spilled about Tommy and his wife.

In a video posted to YouTube, Tommy doubled-down on his accusations. He said Wendy not only skipped the funeral, but lied to their dad about having to return to New York for work — when she was really having dinner with ex-husband Kevin Hunter and their son.

He also blames Wendy’s ‘selfishness’ for their family being fractured at the present moment.

Take a look:

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