Former Bachelorette Gabby Windey Reveals She’s Dating a Woman: ‘Told You I’m a Girl’s Girl’

Former Bachelorette leading lady Gabby Windey shared photos on Instagram of her with girlfriend Robby Hoffman.

via: US Weekly

“It’s hard to get it out all right now but I know everyone’s been really curious about who I’m dating,” Windey, 32, said in an Instagram Story video on Wednesday, August 2. “You know I love to stir the pot and tease, but I did want to wait until I was ready, because it is a larger conversation — because I’m dating a girl.”

Windey went on to say that she’s had “the best experience” since she started dating writer and comedian Robby Hoffman earlier this year. “[I’m] in a relationship like I feel like I’ve never had before,” Windey told her followers. “But I wanted to tell you guys because I always just want to live my life honestly and have you all along with me.”

Windey also shared a series of photos of Hoffman via her Instagram grid. “Told you I’m a girl’s girl!!” Windey quipped in her caption. The upload included several snaps of the couple hanging out on a tropical vacation. In one photo, Hoffman kissed a grinning Windey on the cheek, and in another picture, Windey posed under a pride flag while holding a rose.

During a Wednesday interview on The View, Windey explained that she felt a “whisper” about being attracted to women that got “louder and louder” over the last couple of years. “I didn’t really know to pay attention to it,” she explained. “I think when this happens, there’s some shame obviously surrounding it, so I think I had to a little bit navigate through the shame. Like, what is it? Where is it coming from? But ultimately, like I said, I always just want to kind of do me, do what I want, figure it out later.”

When Joy Behar asked whether Windey thinks she’ll keep dating women exclusively in the future, Windey hinted that she might. “I think so. I think it’s just, like, my girl,” Windey said. “She’s the best.”

Windey went on to say that she initially wanted to see where her relationship with Hoffman went, but she soon felt she could “see the future” in a way she hadn’t before. “It just felt so right,” she continued. “I was on dating shows dating men and a Broncos cheerleader, so it was like my whole world was male-gaze. … Obviously, it’s about sexuality, but it’s also the person I met. Like, she is so special. She makes me feel so safe, so loved. Like a love that I always wanted going on these dating shows, so now it’s like, ‘Yeah, exactly.’”

After appearing on Clayton Echard‘s season of The Bachelor, Windey was the co-lead for season 19 of The Bachelorette and was briefly engaged to Erich Schwer. The former couple called it quits in November 2022, less than two months after Schwer’s proposal aired on the Bachelorette season finale.

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